Board Committees

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Please send committee related questions to the relevant Google Groups email. Your email will reach all committee members.

Financial Committee

The Financial Committee is tasked with monitoring disbursement of funds, reviewing financial reports, and preparation of the annual budget. The financial results will be presented at the annual membership meeting each year.

Current Members: Rob Upson, Chris Russo, Michelle Robinson


Landscaping Commitee

The ODHA Landscaping Committee is responsible for working with homeowners and service providers to maintain the trees, shrubs and lawns in the paths and common areas. 

All inquiries and requests sent to the landscaping committee are reviewed by the committee and presented by the committee to the Board before recommendations are made or action is taken. As the ODHA Board meets monthly, it is important to send queries and/or applications related to landscaping to the committee in a timely manner, allowing at least a week for communication with the committee an a full month for questions that require Board review.

Current Members:  Beth Russell, Tom Craven, Michael Freitag


Architectural Review Committee

The Architectural Review Committee is in charge of managing the ODHA Architectural Guidelines document, plus interpreting the guidelines and--if necessary--enforcing them. This includes examining and approving home exterior paint colors, fence building, roofing, solar panels, and additions to homes.

Current Members:  Chris Russo, Samantha Hirsch